Why You Should Stay In B&B Getaway Cottages

Are you planning to visit to a different city along with your family members during the holidays? Although you might have considered booking a room in a hotel, it is better to stay in B&B getaway cottages that do not depend on commercial energy suppliers to provide power. Not only do you save the ecology, as these cottages are eco-friendly but you also ensure that you are promoting energy solutions. On the one hand, power plants that depend on biomass and fossil fuel to produce electricity have negative effects on the human health and on the environment. Along with power, they produce sulphur dioxide that causes acid rain -- harmful to animals that live in water and to plants as well. They also produce carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas that contributes to the greenhouse effect by damaging the ozone layer in the stratosphere that protects the ultraviolet rays of the sun from reaching our planet. On the other hand, solar energy does not generate any such gasses, and is a source of sustainable and renewable energy source. It keeps on supplying power by converting the radiation of sunlight to electricity.

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Advantage solar cells

Thanks to advances in the field of technology, the prices of solar panels have dropped drastically over the past few years. On the contrary, the costs per unit of power have been increasing during the same period. According to scientists, businesses and households will witness a reduction of up to 70% of their electricity costs with the help of solar energy. Thanks to this, there is an increasing number of B&B (Bed and Breakfast) cottages in the United Kingdom that rely on alternative source of energy to provide power to their guests. All of these places in Ireland and the United Kingdom have taken the extra step to reduce their carbon footprint. Find below details of several of these places. Choose one of them to reside in during the holidays and play your part in defeating the greenhouse effect.

La Rosa Campsite and Hotel

Located in North York Moors, this off-grid site, packed with a heterogeneous mix of vintage caravans and furnished with miscellany from years spent on trawling charity shops and car-boot sales, shows what you are able to achieve if you try to depend on recycling. Ninety percent of fittings and fixtures are second hand. A double B&B costs £80-£120 per night and their campsite costs £26-£28 per person.
Strattons Hotel and Restaurant, NorfolkStay in this hotel if you plan to visit Norfolk. Located in the market town of Swaffham, this villa boasts of freestanding baths, open fires, and four-poster beds. Nearly every conceivable aspect of the running of this hotel is designed to reduce to minimise waste and packaging, as well as reduce its draw on energy.  It boasts of an award winning restaurant typically serves mostly seasonal and organic food. Expect to pay from £150 per night for residing in this B&B hotel.

Some of the other popular cottages in the United Kingdom that depend on solar energy include:

• Yarde Orchard, Devon, and

• Southwaite Green, Cumbria

All of these gateways use Pure Energy Solutions as their energy supplier to ensure that they are eco-friendly.